LEKTTUFACIL philosophy of life

LEKTTUFACIL philosophy of life by lamizzti Lamzzate

The human being is the only living being with the ability to develop a life philosophy

Developing a philosophy of life keeps us in harmony with everything existential

The philosophy of life is unique; since, there is only a universal divine origin

Achieving a high degree of development in philosophy of life is to achieve high coordination and harmony with everything that is perfect

The perfect thing is unique for this reason the philosophy of life is unique and
non -transferable

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It is important to start by understanding what we call philosophy

Philosophy is born from a deep analytical reasoning, but unlike academic analytical reasoning, philosophy has a direct coordination with the human emotional part and above all with the human spiritual part

Like academic analytical concepts, philosophy is unique; that is to say, that there is only one single truth of life; for this reason, we can only approach a philosophical understanding of life, the closest, we are the closer we will be to the authentic truth of life

It is advisable to have that approach to the philosophy of life; and thus, to be able to guide our lives towards the truth; since, everything that exists is oriented towards the truth; for this reason, if you want to have a great life development, you must be close to the truth

Understanding the absolute truth is something that does not correspond to the human being; since, human nature has rational limitations; for this reason, the importance that the authentic philosophy of life must be based on the human emotional and achieve greater coordination with the human spiritual part; in other words, when we achieve that great spiritual coordination between everything that exists, we achieve a high coordination with our spiritual essence; that is, we are at peace with the entire universe and with everything that exists beyond the universe

Achieving that high spiritual coordination between our spiritual essence and everything that exists material and non-material, will be when we will be walking along that path that leads us to the authentic philosophy of life

to enjoy a full life, it is necessary to have a great development of philosophy of life

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There is only one and unique perfect existential state

All creation is in an unique perfect existential state

The entire universe is in an unique perfect existential state

All the tangible and the intangible, is in an unique perfect existential state

It is not possible to reason the perfect

Achieve high development in philosophy of life, brings us closer to establishing a high degree of coordination with the perfect

the only way to live an authentic philosophy of life will be when we manage to live very close to the absolute truth

The philosophy of life and the absolute truth are inseparable

Absolute truth is only present in nature itself; that is to say, everything that happens day by day is what forms the absolute truth

It is very common that, due to our human nature, we do not agree with what really happens every day; but, at the moment that you manage to accept very deeply everything that happens day by day; whether it is good or bad according to our perspective, it is when we are taking that first step towards the path that leads us to live an authentic philosophy of life

Reasoning the absolute truth is something that humanly does not have the capacity; usually, we want to accept the absolute truth when it is related to the pleasant moments of life, but when the absolute truth is related to the unpleasant moments of life, we simply proceed to reject the true absolute truth

When we proceed to reject the authentic absolute truth; no matter the cause, motive, reason or circumstances, it will be when we depart from all philosophy of life

When we stay away from any philosophy of life, we lose all human potential to be able to live true happiness

To live true happiness, is to walk hand in hand with the authentic absolute truth, it is not possible to want to live great moments of happiness, if even in ourselves an authentic philosophy of life is not present

the authentic absolute truth manifests itself day by day and will always be something irrefutable from all human rationality

both in our happy days and in our adverse days, the absolute truth is present

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