Beyond the sense of sight (ir más allá del sentido de la vista) LEKTTUFACIL philosophy

The sense of sight; that is, body vision is not enough to achieve a high level of integral development of life, it is necessary to go further; that is, to develop the management vision; as well as the analytical vision; as well as the vision of environments

The management vision is the ability to see our life management; that is, to be able to maintain the correct course of life

The analytical vision is the ability to see the analytical essence of our acts of life; that is, to achieve the greatest coordination with everything existential

The vision of environments is the ability to see all existential life environments where we must travel; that is, maintain a real and authentic development of life

developing superior visions of life allows us to move in the right direction, in the most turbulent scenarios of life

to have an authentic integral development of life, is always to have a continuous development; no matter, the most extreme adversities of life

the real success of life is achieved when it is possible to have a high integral development of life, at the moment of achieving authentic success, it is not possible to lose it; no matter, the most extreme and turbulent scenarios of life