the authentic sense of life by Lamizzti Lamzzate (el auténtico sentido de la vida)

The authentic and only sense of having life is happiness, everything that has life exists to achieve full happiness, the person who did not know in his life authentic happiness is as if it never finds existed

We live to become happy

Laughing is not happiness

Authentic happiness is something much more superlative than just laughing

Authentic happiness is an internal joy and not an external satisfaction

We do not live to be happy, but we live to become happy

Authentic happiness is not something that is just around the corner; that is, it is not easy to achieve from our human nature, it is something that will be the product of a life effort

The important thing is that authentic happiness is something attainable from our human nature

We are all born to make those great life efforts that lead us on the path that leads us to find authentic happiness